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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cleanse Day 3: Perception Shifts

Once you've stopped blasting at your senses with sugary and salty foods, the senses have room to heighten, allowing you to open up and perceive greater subtlety. Today, bananas taste like floral, sweet velvet. Chickpeas are dense little nuggets of nutty nutrition. Cauliflower is all texture, an architecture of stems and branches yielding to teeth and bursting fragrant water, spiced from simmering with Indian herbs.

I remained fairly tense all morning, until the afternoon rainstorm washed me out, leaving calm, clarity, contentment (and apparently alliteration). I drove home with the radio off, letting the symphony of sprinkling and pattering rain fill my ears and trickle down my spine, relishing the fierce lightshow and thunderclaps.

On a more mundane level, I've been craving salt.


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