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Monday, May 14, 2007

Cleanse Day 1

The rules of the cleanse

  • Fats: olive oil, coconot oil, ghee
  • Drinks: water (with lime, etc), jasmine tea, herbal teas, some juices
  • Food:
    Days 1-2--Any fruits and veggies (Including nightshades, ha!), barley
    Days 3-4--Add in quinoa, rice
    Day 5-?--Add in tofu, tempeh
  • Spices: unlimited

The goals for the cleanse

  • REST digestion, mind, Spleen, body
  • GETTING RID of whatever I don't need that I may be holding onto---emotions, thoughts, fat, food addictions, anger, frustration, waste in colon (Cleansing works on all levels if you so invite it)
  • DE-GUNK! feeling a little toxic lately

I geared this cleanse toward supporting digestion, by including jasmine tea (not standard cleanse fare, being caffeinated) and consuming mostly cooked foods. Most cleanses emphasize raw foods, but my poor little Spleen meridian can't handle such things. I'm letting myself eat potatoes. I like them.

Selected notes from the day. I was very grouchy. Did not help that work was ridiculous the first day of cleansing. At home, I cheated and ate a sliver of brownie, so rich, so good. Felt more human after doing a little yoga after work.

Went to natural foods store for cleanse supplement and also water-based nail polish. Now my toes sparkle with "Goddess", a lovely deep mauve. Very spacey while there, typical for cleansing. Bought a nice juice blend, drank it in the car, felt more alert.

Honeybush tea is a nice cure for the sweet tooth.

Around 4 PM someone else microwaved meat at work. I smelled meat. Instant saliva. Jealous.

Noticing that food is EVERYWHERE. Turn on an hour of TV. No one on TV craps but everyone eats, all the time, constantly.


Blogger Ann said...

Oh, hooray! A new post! I was getting worried. (Just a little bit.)

This sort of cleansing sounds like a wonderful idea. Do you do it annually, or is this the first time? How long does it last? How did you decide what and what not to consume?

10:35 PM  
Blogger kStyle said...

Ah, the HR director at Day Job must have read about blogging in the secret HR newsletter, because we all got an email stating that Blogging Is Not Allowed on company time or company computers (even after work hours) and that employees are not allowed to blog about The Company at any time.

I'm sufficiently paranoid that this ruling keeps me from blogging at work, and who wants to sit before the computer at home for more than a few minutes? So sad.

I hope that didn't count as blogging about The Company. ;)

Anyway, these are excellent Cleanse Questions which merit their own post. Thanks for asking!

9:12 PM  

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