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Saturday, April 14, 2007


I don't like drip coffee. I'm a tea drinker.

But I do like espresso. And I really liked espresso my Italian roommate used to make with one of those handy stovetop contraptions. I sort of forgot about how much I liked espresso until we went to the Azores, where the coffee was classic European---smooth, rich, chocolatey.

And lo, browsing in the 5&10 when we returned home, what did I see? A handy stovetop espresso contraption. $13.99. A bargain. I thought I'd mostly use it when we had company, so I bought the kind that makes 3 servings. It also made a sort of economical logic in terms of "unit cost"---I could make one serving at a time for $11.99 or three servings at once for $13.99.

Which means that if I make espresso on a Saturday morning, and the Husband does not want any---preferring drip coffee in the morning and espresso in the afternoon, which he believes to be the natural order of things---I end up drinking 3 servings' worth of the strong coffee and zipping around and writing slightly manic blog posts about coffee.



UPDATE: kStyle went for a nice, long walk at the arboretum after writing this post. She then came home, ate lunch, and at 1:30 PM napped as though drugged. She is now awake and resting, nursing a serious case of post-caffeination couch suck.


Blogger Narya said...

Saturday is a good day for couch suck. (ANY day is, really, but Saturday is particularly good.)

10:39 PM  

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