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Friday, March 23, 2007

That Dentist Was Worse Than I'd Dreamed

Remember my tale of dentistry woe? When we last saw the rude dentist and his too-rough assistant, they were about to fill a small cavity in my wisdom tooth. I felt absolutely no pain in the tooth, but he reassured me there was a small cavity that would worsen without treatment. After almost fainting in the office, and the dentist making an insensitive comment about it, I decided to find a new dentist. But the new dentist couldn't take me for a few weeks.

No matter, I didn't feel anything.

Upon returning from the Azores, my gum behind the wisdom tooth became very inflamed and painful. I've been downing (generic) Tylenol and chewing on cloves all week to stop the pain. I could tell that my gum was infected.

Today was my appointment with my new, wonderful dentist. He's kind and gentle, doesn't rush, and has a good sense of humor, to boot. Oh, and he's a network provider, so I have no out-of-pocket expense.

And guess what Dr. L. told me? I don't have a cavity in that tooth and I never did! Let's all take a moment and let this news sink in.


But thankfully, because I thought I had a cavity, I had a preexisting appointment for when I developed a brand new gum infection requiring antibiotics. Oh yeah, and this might sound lame, but I had no idea that dentists could write prescriptions! Turns out they're "real" doctors after all.

And better yet, when I returned from vacation, I decided it was time to check out the local Chamber of Commerce. Leaving the dentist's office, Lo, there was the Chamber office, two doors down the hall. I had a great time meeting the ladies there and got all the info I need.

So maybe the Tao was in fact flowing through the incompetent hands of Dr. Goldberg, DDS.


Blogger Narya said...

I LOVE my dentist. But i think I've sung his praises here before, so I won't repeat myself. Except to say you gotta love someone who (a) keeps your teeth in your mouth and (b) doesn't do unnecessary dentistry.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Larry Jones said...

Everything's coming up roses! Even though this post is about a dentist, it makes me happy.

2:09 AM  

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