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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cleanse Day 2

Cleansing is an interesting experience. I've been feeling spacey, yes, and also a little more...open? Unshielded? This is an interesting experience at work. A lot of cleansing is just letting the experience happen. You have no idea how much we stuff down with food until you stop doing it for a few days.

A lot of anger has been rising to the surface, which is very good; but it's been sitting there, clinging to the surface--which is bad. Tonight's yoga class mellowed out the anger and made the rough edges round (rather literally in the case of my shoulder sockets). My yoga teacher said I was surrounded by pools of golden light during meditation. She made it sound like quite the laser light show. Very cool.

I slept like the dead last night. I can tell tonight will be similar.

People are supposed to poop a lot during cleansing. I've been pooping no more than usual. But lordy, the Number 1! I guess I was retaining water. Or I'm just drinking a lot more. Or some of both.

Here's what I actually ate today, if y'all are curious:

7:50 AM. "Country potatoes", which are cubed potatoes baked with sliced red bell pepper, leeks, olive oil, dill, cumin, salt & pepper. Half a glass of water. Supplements: black currant oil and triphala.
8:15 AM. Jasmine tea in car. Tastes like liquid amber.
10 AM. Honeybush tea.
10:45 AM. Juice, lots of edamame.
11:30 AM. Stir-fry veggies, jasmine tea.
12:45 PM. Vegetable-barley soup. (VERY grounding and stabilizing. Made my nose run, too!)
4 PM. Fruit salad (banana, apple, blueberries with a squeeze of lime juice and a sprinkle of cinnamon); water. (getting tired and craving chocolate!)
7:20 PM. My yoga teacher happened to have a pot of herbal liver cleanse tea on the stove, and she kindly gave me a glass. Such a great tea.
8 PM. Dinner at last! I was so spacey I could barely function. Spinach and avocado salad with cider vinegar and olive oil for dressing; lemon water; edamame.
8:30 PM. More honeybush tea.


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