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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Wardrobe Warrior II

After retreating wounded from TJ Maxx, I meditated on my clothing dilemma, a warrior drawing upon her Higher Self to find resources for battle. The Buddha appeared in a golden cloud and handed me a fine woven cotton scroll of wardrobe truth: Seek your True Desire from its True Source.

Of course.

The tunic shirt was a fine and beautiful cut, but the mass-produced American version looked garish, cheap. My quest was to uncover Funky Ethnic Clothing in a Funky Ethnic Store. I needed Tibet Arts. My next free day, on a Saturday afternoon, I eagerly dug through the colorful silks and cottons lining their racks. Soon I banished Boyfriend and His Friend from the store--we were en route to dinner so they tagged along, but their impatient foot-tapping gnawed at my centered warrior qi. Once the males were properly disposed of (no offense, sweetie, if you're reading) I could focus my intention and achieve harmony.

Harmony looked like three cotton tunic shirts. One is a clear, deep blue with intrincate silver embroidery at the cuffs and neckline, with just enough blue sequins to add a subtle sparkle; the second, the same pattern in green with red embroidery and sequins (I feel like a gorgeous parrot in it!); and the third, a $10 steal in black with white embroidery.


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