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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Case of the Missing Painting

This story is entirely true, but names and titles have been changed to protect the innocent. I feel like a real sleuth.

Email #1: kStyle to Artist (artist's contact info found by the miracle of Google)

Dear Ms. Jones:

I recently came across a lovely painting on wood. The back is signed with
what looks like either "Mary" or "Marylin" Jones, as follows:

(c) Mary(-ilyn?) Jones
Portland Oregon

"Birds on Branch Overlooking Quarry"

I was wondering whether you were the artist.

Best regards,

Email 2: Artist to kStyle

Hello kStyle,
Yes, that is me and thank you for the kind comments.

Some of my work, such as that piece, are placed in galleries by one of my dealers. If you are interested in purchasing it, you would need to go through the gallery where you saw it. I'd love to know which gallery you saw it in.

My Best,

Email #3: kStyle to Artist

Dear Marylin,

Thanks for letting me know! I love the piece.

To be honest...and I hate to tell you this...I was out for a walk when I
saw it by the side of a busy road. A whole computer was down the road a
few yards, so I can only imagine that some things fell out of a vehicle
that someone was using to move. I rescued the piece and brought it home,
dusted it off, and then did some research. While I would be delighted to
keep the painting, I felt I should tell you this in case its rightful
owner is missing it.


Email #4: Artist to kStyle

WOW! Thank you SO much for passing this on. This is very very upsetting! I will be in touch with you on this. I can't even begin to speculate on what might have happened. If it had been at a gallery, they would need to be contacted. Please hold onto it and take good care of it. if it does belong to someone, and it does, I will somehow reward you with something, I promise.

I will be in touch as soon as I hear anything.

Skip a few emails that are just me reiterating that I like the painting and I'm sorry it was orphaned, and Artist again thanking me. Cut to next day.

Email #5: "Found painting, with thanks"

Hi kStyle-

My name is So-and-So and I work at XY Art. We are art wholesalers and publishers. We represent our artists’ artwork to our clients on a corporate and retail level. We own the painting that you found. How exciting it was to have the mystery of the missing painting resolved! The owner of the Company (my boss) Mr. XY was visiting one of our clients, River Gallery, near where you found the painting. It was the last visit of the day. He noticed the piece was missing and called River Gallery thinking he had left it there. They searched but could not find it. So he thinks it may have fallen out of the box he had it stored in when he was reloading all the portfolios into the car. It was a blessing to hear you have the piece. Would you be able to return the piece to River Gallery OR mail it back to our gallery in Buffalo.

Please enclose the bill for the envelope and postage so we can reimburse you. The piece is 12" x 12" so it should not cost very much to ship. We would also like to send you a gift for all your trouble and honesty in returning the piece. Would you please provide your phone number and address so we could discuss this further with you.

Thank you sooo much for the trouble you have taken to return the painting.

Sincere regards and appreciation,

XY Art
Jacob XY
Phone Number

Emails #6 and 7, kStyle to XY Art

Dear So-and-So,

I live directly across the street from River Gallery (actually having a
painting framed there now!), so I will bring it to them. Have they been
alerted? I had suspected, actually, that the lost piece's proximity to the
gallery was not a coincidence.

It was exciting to participate in the Case of The Missing Painting. I'm
glad I could help it find its proper home, and that I got to enjoy it for
a few days.


P.S. I thank you for your generous offer of a gift. And while the detective
in a storybook mystery would turn such a thing down, I am not above
accepting one! And so, my address and number are:

Across the Street from River Gallery
Somewhere, MA


Blogger Eric said...

What a great story! You're a hero. And I love that you didn't turn down the reward--who knows? Maybe they'll give you one of them van Goghs you keep hearing are so pricey. :)

I love stories where everyone is happy at the end.

9:13 AM  
Blogger kStyle said...

I should ask for a van Gogh! Good point.

I also like happy endings.

10:36 AM  

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