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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

And Now, a Brief Frivolity Break

Things have gotten heavy lately here in the Village of Float. Things are a little heavy in my life right now. (Anyone ever had a complex ovarian cyst? Turns out that's what my severe abdominal pain was last month...Goody.) So, let's talk about clothes.

I opened my closet the other day, and my clothes stretched before me like a giant bruise: purple and black. And I said to myself, "kStyle! You have more style than to look like a giant bruise every day. What's with that, girlfriend?" And so I made it my mission to acquire some non-bruised clothing.

My first stop, natch, was TJ Maxx, where "you get the max for the minimum, minimum price", as the entirely true jingle goes. I reminded myself with a sort of Fashion Tough Love that I really like colors outside of my dichromatic wardrobe, especially red, pink, blue, green, and white. (Yellow makes me look a trifle jaundiced, so I stay away.) I made a pact with myself to try on several items of clothing in new colors.

How I rued that pact when I entered the store! Solids are out! Colors drawn from the Skittles bag are in! The only white to be found was the background to pink-orange-green flowers on flaring skirts. No red anywhere. I took a deep breath and marched toward the racks. Soon I jammed into the dressing room with several pieces in this year's cuts and colors. You know what? They all looked like shit. The greens and pinks, flattering to me in forests and roses, were all wrong in kelly and salmon. (The aforementioned jaundice problem.) The cuts committed atrocities against the female form such as ruffled sleeves. The one shirt that fit me and looked halfway decent was a pale blue tunic shirt, but OH! I felt self-conscious in baby blue and sequins!

And so, battle lost but war not over, I returned home to my bruise-colored clothes. Some strategizing was required.

More later.


Blogger Eric said...

I am enjoying these adventures of kStyle's Search for Wardrobe. Do keep us posted.

Ahem. No pun intended.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Ann said...

Love it! What about a wardrobe philosophy?

11:46 AM  
Blogger Emma Goldman said...

check out L. L. Bean. They have some nice bright colors, the prices are reasonable, there aren't a lot of frills and flowers. Not terribly exciting, but, hey, gotta start somewhere. And their online shopping is some of the best I've encountered.

10:32 AM  

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