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Friday, May 07, 2004

Care Packages for Iraq

American soldiers' treatment of Iraqi prisoners is pure evil. I had a visceral reaction when I first heard a few days ago. And I still feel sick whenever I hear a new detail.

I really, really wish we could send LETTERS OF APOLOGY and care packages from American civilians to Iraqi civilians. These people have been through hell and back. Dare I suggest they might need soap and food and fresh clothes even more than American soldiers? Perhaps there's a group already doing this. I mean, I don't know Farsi or Arabic; I don't even know how to get the packages to Iraq. I'll do some research and let you know.

On a related note, the pundits have been saying that Kerry needs to spend more dinero on attacking Bush rather than defending himself. The Dem needs to take the offensive. Seems to me, though, that the Bush camp is doing a laudable job of self-destruction. Maybe Kerry just has to wait it out.


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