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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm Pleased to Announce

That, after much wrangling, the CD is at last complete. The songs flow with perfect transitions; they are ordered to bring out the best in one another. There were some surprises: Prince sounds better next to Earth, Wind, and Fire than next to Jamiroquai; Barry White and Bob Marley sound like long-lost brothers when sitting back-to-back; although "Rio" is perhaps the better song, Bossacucanova's "Onde Anda Meu Amor" sounded better on the album--and, similarly, Jamiroquai's "Alright" beat out the more-famous "Cosmic Girl". As usual, the Chicago tune that was my parents' first dance at their 1974 wedding sounds so awful to me that I thought we mistakenly scored a recording of someone doing poor karoake--but I checked an audio sample on Amazon, and no, it's Chicago. I'll never forget the day last year when, just as I was cringing to the drunken waltz with ill cat vocals that is "Colour My World", my mom excitedly turned up the volume and sighed, "This was our wedding song!" Or the day a few months ago when she asked if the band could play it at our wedding for sentimental reasons. Thankfully, a jazz quartet cannot play Chicago's crazy arrangements without hiring a brass band and tripping on acid. Without further ado, I give you the much-balleyhooed track listing of Wedding Hits, Vol. I:

Colour My World/Chicago
September/Earth Wind & Fire
Let's Groove/Earth Wind & Fire
I Would Die 4 U/Prince
Jammin/Bob Marley
Can't Get Enough of Your Love/Barry White
Canned Heat/Jamiroquai
Onde Anda Meu Amor/Bossacucanova
Ohia/Abraham Adzenyah and The New Talking Drums
Come Dance With Me/Abraham Adzenyah and The New Talking Drums
That's The Way Of The World/Earth Wind & Fire

There, I've killed more time avoiding the seating chart. Expect many more posts before that sucker's done.


Blogger kStyle said...

OK, seriously; I'm doing exposure therapy to that Chicago song so that I won't make a face when it plays on my wedding day. As the great Will Farrell said in Zoolander: I feel like I'm taking CRAZY PILLS! Does no one else but G. and I hear how off-key the vocals are?

7:15 PM  

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