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Sunday, April 16, 2006

So this is Easter
and what have you done?

Easter has lost a little pizzaz since I abandoned the Catholic faith 8 years ago. The problem with my eclectic-mostly-Buddhist spirituality is the lack of big festival days. I'm sure there must be big Buddhist feasts (vegetarian, of course) in Asia, but not so here in the US of A (and we'd like meat, thanks). My spirituality is probably closest to UU, but let's face it, the UU's are not known for their fantastic, ritualized celebrations. Sure, they make up interfaith rituals as they go, but they feel a little watered down. I want to choke on incense and get chills from chanting. Greece did Easter really well. I thought my hair might catch on fire from everyone milling about with candles. Then they had fireworks all over Athens. It was great.

Note to self: create new church before next Easter.

Moving on, I'm thrilled that I've gotten out of the family Easter celebration this year. I've been driving down there every other weekend for wedding crap. Not today! I have no shiatsu clients, either, because everyone's too busy eating colored eggs! Here's what I plan to do:

  1. Finish blog post.
  2. Run around at gym to burn some energy from the pastel-candy-coated malt balls I ate for breakfast. (Church ritual might pass away, but candy ritual shall never die.)
  3. Pick up more yeast and eggs at the store. Get G. some cheese as a surprise Easter gift. The boy loves his cheese.
  4. Come home. Shower.
  5. Start sandwich bread.
  6. Leave it to rise and drag G. out for a walk at the Arboretum, where the magnolia trees have been threatening to bloom.
  7. Existential crisis.
  8. More candy.
  9. Finish bread.
Yay! Happy Easter/Passover/Spring Holiday, everyone!

PS I just found evidence for my sneaking suspicion that Buddhist holidays are kind of a drag. I'd like to be a better Buddhist, but the practice is just so depressingly ascetic.


Blogger Lah said...

We have some cool buddhist festivals out here; the local Tibetan Buddhist center runs a "Medicine Buddha Day" with all sorts of chanting, meditation, food, dancing, and activities for kids, and the Zen Buddhist center in town celebrates Buddha's birthday as well as hosts a fun Japanese cultural Fair in town each year, with super awesome loud taiko drumming. :)

That's one cool thing about Japan; there's so many festival days, You never really go three weeks without something fun and exciting and vaguely spiritual going on.

11:49 AM  
Blogger kStyle said...

That's really cool! Thanks, Lah.

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Larry Jones said...

Wow. That really is some boring stuff (the Buddhist Holidays thing). The presentation sucks, too. Clearly the Buddhists need a webmaster.

5:10 PM  

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