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Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday Questionnaire
Some attempt at regularity

1. Do you have a morning routine? What's it like?

2. What are you eating for lunch today?

3. What do you like and dislike about the Spring?


Blogger kStyle said...

1. My morning "routine" involves oversleeping; feeding the cats; stumbling to the kitchen table for water, tea, and breakfast; refusing G's offers of coffee; quick ablutions (normally I shower at night); getting dressed; and trying to keep the cats in while I get out the door loaded down with stuff, like a pack animal.

If by some miracle I wake up early, I might to tai chi outside.

2. Kalamata olive hummus on while wheat pita with spinach and yellow bell pepper. For an afternoon snack, I've brought sliced bananas with blueberries and pecans. I'm trying to make up for last week's DonutFest.

3. Like: long daylight hours, warmth, bright sun, birds, flowers, leaves.
Dislike: allergies, losing an hour of sleep.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous ben said...

1. My routine is pretty well defined... The alarm starts playing music (it's been on the Polysics CD for about three months now) some time between 6:45 and 8. By the end of the CD I actually get up, shower, and dress. Then I have a glass of water while doing my first run through e-mail. Finally I load up my pockets with money, keys, and phone, and head out the door.

2. I had nacho's at Moe's. Usually I get a burrito there, but today I went for something more cheesy. I usually end up there twice during a week. It's almost routine.

3. I like most of the weather - the rain, a few more clear days than Michigan winters, the time when 55 to 60 degrees (f) feels nice and warm. I dislike the name. Spring is an awful name for a season. Autumn is so classy and spring just doesn't cut it. Whatever the origins of the name spring, it was a great disservice to poets and other writers everywhere.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

1. My alarm goes off at seven, but I'm usually not out of bed until 7:40. Depending on which cereal I want, I may pause in the kitchen before heading for the bathroom, since some cereals (corn flakes, for example) taste better if they relax in milk for a few minutes. I too shower at night mostly, so I do a few morning rituals, about ten minutes' worth, get dressed, and then eat breakfast. Then I say goodbye to the girlfriend, who works at night and so gets to sleep late most mornings, debate getting back into bed, and then grumpily head out to my car anyway.

2. I just had my lunch and I'm glad you asked: I had some Stonyfield Farms raspberry yogurt, a slice of wheat bread, and a pear. Yum.

3. I like the slightly warmer temperatures I suppose. Especially on weekends. Waking up to birds is nice. The possibility of hiking soon is very nice. I'm not a fan of all this rain, though I used to be. And turning those clocks forward on Saturday night was wearying.

Hey, my answer is almost the same as kStyle's. Awesome.

2:38 PM  
Blogger Emma Goldman said...

1. My morning routine actually begins the night before, when I put out my chef clothes for the next day, along with underwear, socks, and any non-chef clothes I'll be wanting. My thermos-that's-not-a-Thermos goes on the kitchen counter, and I fill the tea kettle with filtered water. I used to set up the coffeepot for Craw's coffee, but that part of the routine moved out with him. In the actual morning, the alarm goes off at 4:55, though I often wake and get up before that. I turn on the living room light, and, now that Craw's gone, turn on the radio. I turn on the gas under the tea kettle, get out some tea bags, and throw lunch in my bag if I'm going to take lunch. I pour my cereal (a combo of about four kinds, all of which resemble burlap bags, dirt, and wood chips) into a bowl, but don't put the milk on it yet. I sprinkle a little brown sugar on top. After the hot water goes into the ttnaT, I put the milk on the cereal and eat it, usually with reading matter in front of me. As I finish, I take out the teabags and put them in my travel cup, put honey in the ttnaT, and heat more water. I take a shower, get dressed, check email if there's time, and get out the door by 5:45 or 5:50 at the latest. Not that I've worked this out into a system or anything.

2. No lunch today (or breakfast, for that matter), except a handful of dried apricots and some tea.

3. I like everything about spring, but especially forsythia and lilacs, which remind me of my grandmother, and any other green thing poking its head out of the ground.

3:43 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

1. Get up, turn off alarm, turn off fan, make sure alarm is turned off, use toilet, take shower (wash hair, rinse hair, condition hair, wash face, soap up, rinse off, rinse hair), dry off (starting at head and ending at feet), flush toilet, moisturize face, take meds, brush teeth, apply deodorant, apply Chap Stick, clean glasses, get dressed, put on shoes, take lunch and water out of fridge, make sure I have everything I need for the day, pick up keys and sunglasses, go to work. In that exact order every workday. Weekdays are similar, just later.

2. Tuna sandwich with celery and spinach, pink lady apple, 10 mini carrots, water. Same thing every workday.

3. Like: flowers, colors, leaves, rain, that spring smell. Dislike: temperature (too warm), giving up sweaters, the sound that gets in through open windows (we now live in a flight path, and we have a stupid stupid woodpecker).

10:44 AM  
Blogger kStyle said...

Ben: Oh, the music that came out of my office computer when I clicked the Moe's link!

Eric: Hey, look at that. We're like Questionnaire twins.

Emma: Perhaps you could help me organize my mornings better.

Ann: You, too.

6:58 PM  

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