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Saturday, April 15, 2006

I admit it!

I'm having lots of fun registering for wedding gifts. At first I felt guilty/greedy at the propect, but then I remembered that people want to give wedding gifts and this makes the process easier for many of them. Would you like to see what good taste I have? Here are a few examples.

Casual china.
Pretty! Elegant! We found this for sale half-off at an online wholesaler and registered there, but I linked to Macy*s so you could see the picture.

More-formal china. Double pretty! Also found this at the half-off wholesaler. Look at us, even bargain shopping for gifts.

And this morning, I went to Amazon and registered for 6 cookbooks I've always dreamed about, but never could justify purchasing. See, I've always dreamed of whipping up fabulous breads from scratch. Because my hot cross buns (see previous post) turned out heavenly, I'm feeling optimistic and inspired.


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