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Thursday, May 13, 2004


Float Kids, I am one overwhelmed chica. Mind if I vent a smidgen? Thanks. So, G. and I are buying our first condo, first of all, and the closing is tomorrow. Then we have to pack everything and move over the next two weeks. This should be happy and joyous, but I am instead anxious. I am especially anxious because I have a Big Anatomy Exam coming up on Thursday and a Shiatsu quiz on Tuesday. And the pace at work is picking up again, even though my days were already perfectly full. This morning I inherited two books that have been in production for a MONTH but no one has done anything on them; one is supposed to ship on June 16. For those unfamiliar with the minefields of publishing, that's not enough time. The other has to be completed by July 15. I already had a giant 4-color book on a one month schedule, another 4/c going to press July 1, and the giantest 4/c book is being handed to me next week. Not to mention that a colleague is going on vakay next week, so I get to handle her giant 4/c project while she's away. I just don't know how I'm going to get everything done.

Does anyone have a different job to offer me? Seriously. This is insane. I'm very bright and competent.


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