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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

So We Can Continue the Bush Thread

There's a good discussion going on the Bush thread, but it seems to be growing to large to accomodate further comments. Hence, this post.

Because I Can

OK, the comments are peeving me, still not letting me add mine. But hell, this is my site, right? So I'm just gonna post the damn comment. Here it is:

"Believe me, I understand the feeling and find myself given over to it too, but (a) it plays right into conservatives' hands ("Those liberals hate America!") and (b), when things get worse, real people suffer..."

Excellent point, Eric.

I have to argue with, however, with those of you who are despairing completely about the state of affairs. It’s crucial we keep our sense of humor, however tragic things get. Has anyone else seen Lewis Black’s post-9/11 routine? It’s on Comedy Central a lot (usually Friday nights). Towards the end, he states how crucial it is that we are able to laugh, because otherwise we start taking ourselves to seriously, and then we just---blllooooghg—Snap. Look at our enemy, he said. (He was referring to Al Quaeda, but it could easily be the Bush administration today.) There’s a people who have lost their sense of humor and cracked. Look what it did to them.


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