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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Wednesday Writing Assignment

We fall in love a million times during our lives. There are the big, whomp-you-through-the-heart loves, like a lover or new child. Then there are the little, poignant ones, moments that steal a tiny splinter of your heart. Moments like these are cherished for their incompleteness--a question partially answered. You can love many things: a tree, a person seen in the crowd, a sound, a scent, a play of sunlight and shadow. Tell me about one, about a small love. Feel free to fictionalize.

I shall now complete my own assignment:

We lingered chatting in the parking lot that night. There were four of us, relatively new friends already bonded deeply, as if by a connection through many lifetimes, if you believe in that sort of thing. The sky looked milky. "The air smells so sweet," I noted, "If every night were a sweet spring night like this one, no one would ever want to die." A pause. One friend, the eldest, replied, "It would be a good night to die, though." We paused longer, the wisdom of his comment seeping in. Nothing left to say, we bade each other goodnight and parted. I fell in love a little that night, with the sweet spring air and with my three friends who shared it.