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Friday, May 14, 2004

The Keys Make It Real

We met with our realtor this morning for the walk-through. We saw the place again, but it still felt like, OK, we're seeing the place again. Then we endured a surreal netherworld of initialing and signing, initialing and more signing. I considered it bad luck that the papers were drawn up without my middle initial, which has always anchored my name. I had to train myself to sign and initial, sign and initial without that balancing "C". In the room with us were Frances, our lovely, competent English realtor; the sellers, a nice enough, mismatched-looking middle aged couple (she artsy, he rugged); their flighty realtor; and a humorless assistant lawyer.

But when it was all done--I was yawning by the end--we were given keys. All the paper-signing was so disconnected from the actual condo in my mind that I was almost confused: What were these keys for? The wonderful Frances gave us a card and a gift of candles. You'd like her--If you want to move to the area, I'll give you her number. We're going to send her some flowers.

We stopped for some mediocre pizza and then trooped into our new home. It was very humbling, owning these light-filled rooms. We smiled a lot. Then we drove through this lovely town to its arboretum and went for a walk, enjoying the sunshine and green smells. After driving to and browsing through a discount furniture store, we returned to our apartment completely exhausted and dropped into intense naps.

I wonder how life will feel different, if at all, once we move. First, we'll own our residence. But also, our new town is beautiful, full of lilacs (Carla and Ann), conservation areas, and gorgeous sprawling old colonials. Our current apartment is on a big ole highway (crowded with SUVs driving too fast) lined with strip malls, though there's a reservoir directly across from us. I mostly wonder how the little things will change the feel of day-to-day life: the prettiness of our new surroundings, the little bit of extra room in our living space, even shopping at different markets. We shall see.

Now, I'm off again for studying and packing, leaving you in Eric's capable typing hands.

P.S. Heartfelt congratulations to Charlie, who will become an Educator this weekend. Perhaps he'll treat us to a few reflections on his new vocation.


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