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Friday, February 02, 2007

Sex and the City

I've had a little Friday night tradition for a few months now, wherein I stay up late (for me!) and watch the 11 PM syndicated episode of Sex and the City.

I used to like this show.

Now all the characters piss me off. They're immature, they're selfish, they are all style and no substance. And I'm supposed to identify? On tonight's episode, Carrie was an immature wench about the possibility that Samantha might die from cancer, all but singing "lalala I can't hear you"; and Miranda asserted that she could live no where in the world but Manhattan--and especially not Brooklyn (an irksome running theme of the show). Of the other two main characters, Samantha doesn't much bother me and I love Charlotte, the hopeful WASP ingenue, the only reason I keep watching.

I'd like to punch Carrie, though, and she's the show's focal piece. It's getting to the point that I even want to strangle Sarah Jessica Parker in those Garnier ads.

I should just stop watching. It's partly, though, that Sex and the City is my antidote to G's lineup of Friday Night Guy TV Viewing: Las Vegas followed by the geeky guy show Numb3rs.

PS There's very little sex on the show, despite the title. Has anyone else noticed this?


Blogger Narya said...

I never really watched the show; I've seen maybe two episodes ever? I wouldn't be surprised if some of the sex has been excised for the current channel. (Like I also never figured out why they were showing "The Sopranos" on whatever other cable channel is showing it. I've seen about 85% of those shows, and there isn't any good way to cut out the language, nudity, and violence.)

Based on your commentary, I'm not going to rush to see SatC.

6:32 PM  
Blogger kStyle said...

What you say makes sense. More sex on HBO; less sex on the CW.

9:41 PM  
Anonymous Ann said...

I watched the whole series on DVD. My thought-provoking analysis: Meh. It was a lot of anecdotes strung haphazardly together, which I enjoyed on occasion, but on the whole...meh.

I had no problem with the shallowness of the women (and men). Sometimes I enjoy superficial characters--they can be highly entertaining. But it was the shallowness of the plot that ultimately doomed the series for me. There was nothing for my mind to grab onto; the story slipped into my brain and slipped back out again without making any sort of impression. I prefer some friction in my TV shows.

I have not yet seen, but am nonetheless fascinated by, "Numb3rs," because Dr. Joel Fleischman "Northern Exposure" is in it, and I *heart* Dr. Joel.

For that matter, Chris in the Morning--whom I do not *heart*--was on "Sex and the City" for more than a few episodes. Hey, we could play six degrees of "Northern Exposure"!

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Ann said...

And yes, I think they cut out a lot of the sex and profanity for network TV. But there really wasn't a whole lot to begin with.

3:05 PM  
Blogger kStyle said...

I *heart* Chris in the Morning. Hey...is "Northern Exposure out on DVD? That would be fun.

And Ann, I think I know what you mean about "Sex" not having anything to hold onto (so to speak; my, that came out dirty). At one point, when I was watching DVD's of the earlier seasons a couple years ago, it felt sort of like eating too much cotton candy all at once.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Narya said...

I *heart* me some Chris. Always did. I liked the show a lot, too, especially in the early seasons. Back when my pathetic existence was even more pathetic--i.e., when I was in grad school--I'd tape a week's worth of TV shows that I liked and then watch them on Saturday night. I always saved NE for last (yes, I'm a save-the-best-for-last kind of person).

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Ann said...

NE is indeed on DVD. Somehow I missed it when it was on TV, so J and I are just getting into it now. We love it.

12:54 AM  

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