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Friday, February 02, 2007

Dentist Tales, Part 2

I've been dreading--dreading!--returning to the dentist for the rest of the work that got interrupted. The appointment was scheduled for noon today. It's a ridiculous 40-minute drive to this dentist, because inertia and formerly good service have kept me going there even after I moved 2 years ago. It's a drive I make only once every 6 months, after all.

I did. Not. Want. To. Go. But part of me said, It makes financial sense--they completed all but three x-rays.

Maybe it was reading about the festival of Imbolc last night that made me decide this was a dumb approach; maybe it was the feeling I was being made to do something I really, really didn't want to by some stern inner Mommy; maybe it was learning about the customer-relationship management in my online business class. In any event, I called G first.

"I'm really, really busy," he announced anxiously in that pre-grad-school-advisor-meeting way.
"One question," I replied, "Would you go back to that dentist?"
"Okay, I'm canceling my appointment."
"Good!" he said, sincerely.

I called the dentist. The receptionist was, to my surprise, totally on my side. She was appalled that Dr. Goldberg would ask if my near-faint at the hands of an awful hygienist was "morning sickness". She told me exactly what to do to get my records and which tooth needed filling (17D).

Also, funny this, turns out my appointment was scheduled for Tuesday the sixth, not today. Happy Imbolc to me. The Goddess works in mysterious ways.

Earth Mother begins to stir from Winter's sleep, as the sunlight grows stronger with each passing day. The first signs of renewal appear. Seeds that have been resting in the earth crack their casings and send out a root, initiating the discovery of individuation. Hope and faith sustained through the cold and dark have turned to certainty. [...]
This is a time of personal individuation. Declare who you are! Out of the dark earth, close to the heartbeat of the Mother, define, name, and claim your spiritual path. What are your spiritual goals for the coming year? What is stirring inside you that seeks to grow, and how will you nurture this growth?

---from Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries (c) Ruth Barrett 2004; found in We'Moon '07 calendar


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