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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Logo Tales

Some things I'd like in a logo:
Engage senses—esp. touch—incorporate a texture?
I prefer logos with an icon—a stylization of a concrete “thing” or a symbol

Playful/whimsical type treatment and overall feel—see Fish Eye Pinot Grigio logo.

Would like to use the color RED to stand out from the pack (also it's a good luck color in Chinese culture) and something ROUND to represent cycles, earth energy.

Logos I like:
Good Earth Tea, Fish Eye, Apple, Subaru, King Arthur Flour, Blogger, Expedia.com, FireFox and Thunderbird, IST, The Nature Conservancy, Kusmi Tea. And I admit it: McDonald's has a fantastic logo.

I also like that neat little box around the Econo Lodge logo. Makes me feel tucked in and secure.

Steer clear of:
Anything too trendy—In five years, “trendy” becomes “dated”
Shiatsu design clichés:
-papyrus font
-Asian characters

I think I've found a perfect graphic artist to design my logo.
It's been a hard thing because many of my friends are talented graphic artists. But I love love love the second version of my shiatsu school's logo, so I looked up the designer. Google tracked down her web page for me. I admire all her work, and it would turn out that she designs logos using feng shui. Awesome. My gut says that her fee is reasonable, but my brain wants me to think it over a little more.


Blogger Narya said...

And you SHOULD think it over a little more. Think about what you like about her work (not just the process--feng shui--that she uses). Ask her how she works, what kinds of interactions she has with her clients. Also, think about the message(s) you want to communicate (which you've already started, with the red and such). Spend time with a website or two that you love, and detail (in writing) why; then spend time with a couple you want to love but don't. The writing can be (maybe should be) impressionistic rather than formal--impressionistic, if you will. Use a color in addition to red.

Or not.

here are the sites:

massage and yoga, though the latter has changed and I don't like it as much. here's another one.

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