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Thursday, July 20, 2006


>>>>>>> Hi Pumpkin,
>>>>>>> I fear I've been bitten by the theater bug, suddenly. But when would I
>>>>>>> have
>>>>>>> time for such things?
>>>>>>> Love you
>>>>>>> K

What brought that on?

>>>>> The Bug! The Theater Bug! It BIT me.

Yes, but WHERE did the bug come from? They don't just hang out in
central square, waiting for you. ;-)

>>> Yes they DO!

Yuk. I bet you have a rash from it.

>Ha ha, very clever.
> Here's how the bug bit me. First, J. invited me to go see Godspell. Then,
> we (shiatsu people) were/are discussing whether to do tai chi as part of the
> graduation, and whether it would come off as too performance-like. And then
> the Bug bit.

Well, yes, those sorts of discussions does tend to attract theater bugs.
As do scarfs.



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