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Sunday, May 14, 2006

1. Correction

Wesak, the Buddha's birthday celebration, was not, in fact, on the same day as 5 de Mayo. It was Friday May 12. I've fired my factchecker.

2. Cookbook

Fast Food My Way
by master chef Jacques Pepin is a must-have. Yes, it's a gorgeous book. Yes, it saved us from a food rut. But the true miracle of this book is that, following its simple recipes, I've made 3 meals and a cake so consummately delicious and eye-pleasing that I can't believe I made them. It's as if Mr. Pepin tricked me into cooking perfectly.

3. California and Canada

You might have noticed the little Sitemeter icon sitting at the bottom of the page. Sitemeter has taught me some interesting things. To my surprise, most of my readers are in California. Shout out to the Golden State! W00t! Moreover, float seems to have a fair number of visitors from our maple-y, honest neighbor to the north--that's right, Canada. Hi guys! I'll be visiting your fair country soon. I'm sorry that this page never contains the useful information on herbs or nutrition that you're seeking. Please don't hold it against me and poison my poutine this summer.


Anonymous Larry Jones said...

If you have started checking Sitemeter you are on your way to the first level of hell. But whatever you enjoy...

Before I kicked Sitemeter, I discovered that I had an inordinate number of hits from Florida, Texas and other nominally redneck places. It made me rethink my entire life, let me tell you. I would have shut down the blog, but there was this one HOTT babe in Florida... She could have been sleeping with Jeb and Katherine Harris, and I still would have pined for her.

Virtually, of course.

4:38 PM  
Blogger kStyle said...

you're so funny. I'm really testing SiteMeter here before using it on my professional web site, where it could be of real use.

7:12 PM  

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