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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Then He Said, Then She Was All...

There is nothing like a Supreme Court nomination to make grown men and women act like two-year-olds being dragged from the beach because of a thunderstorm, certain that Mommy hates them and is therefore taking away their one small pleasure in life.

I don't know what this judge will be like. I think El Presidente Bush has been, shall we say, deceptive and shady about many things, and I therefore wouldn't be surprised if this nominee is a raging-scary conservative, but he could very well be middle-of-the-road. It seems that he is above all a Federalist, which I respect.

All I know is that everyone who called into The Connection last night sounded like a lunatic: the man from the pro-life organization (well, he was more smug than crazed), the woman from NOW, and the young woman who voted for Bush and supports anything he does, all united in insanity and terribly shrill voices! Poor Dick Gordon.

I proposed we settle this nomination with a dance off, but Pops over at the Bucket rightly pointed out to me that it wouldn't be pretty: stiff old caucasians waltzing.

And so, I'll take this opportunity to remind my readership of a famous old Chinese tale. I'd paraphrase it, by all my authors who are freakin' PAID to write their own material just pull it off the Web so why the hell shouldn't I--but that's a separate post.


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