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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wednesday Writing Assignment

Some people "get Jesus" and try to bring you to the Lord. Some people lose 500 pounds on Atkins and then yak about it to anything with ears. Some people have found the way to get rich...others preach about organic food co-ops...plastic surgery...an aerobics regimen. In any case, it seems an essential human--or just American?--trait to catch the fire of some idea, movement, or way of life, and to have to share.

Usually the rest of us, at best, roll our eyes at the evangelist. But maybe something has lit you up recently or in the past. Go ahead and gush about it. No judgment.


Blogger Emma Goldman said...

Sometimes I think it's a pity that I'm not religious, because I woulda been a helluva preacher. I think about it as creating a possibility space for people to imagine things differently. If you can't think it, you can't be it. Wittgenstein said that, and so did Orwell, and so did John Lennon. [/throat-clearing]

So what would I gush about, if I really could? The golden rule. Really. Imagine what would happen if we could keep that principle in our hearts even a few hours a day. Imagine evaluating our social policies with the notion that bad shit can happen to anyone, and with the notion that not everyone suffers the same from the (inevitable!) mistakes and bad choices we're bound to make. Imagine being able to be that generous with someone who is Pissing You Right the Fuck Off. Imagine being able to find the fear at the root of the anger that we display, and being able to respond to that rather than to the assholish behavior on display. Imagine being able to express the fear yourself, instead of the aforementioned behavior. Imagine justice wedded to compassion; imagine understanding that justice is an imperfect thing and that the goals of justice might could be something other than punishment. Will everyone respond to that? Of course not. But can you predict who will and who will not? Another benefit of golden ruleism? We become more conscious, more self-conscious, as well as more other-conscious. Compassion for one's self is bound up with compassion toward others--I often think that the fundamentalists of the world are really hard on themselves, too, even though they act all self-satisfied. (Either that, or they're the world's biggest liars.) What's the cost of compassion, after all? Can it possibly cost more than what we're doing now?

9:00 AM  
Blogger kStyle said...

Admirably done, my fiesty compassionate friend!

9:42 AM  
Blogger Ann said...

I know how to cure hiccups. You just have to relax your whole body, breathe from way down in your lungs so your chest doesn't move very much but your tummy does, and take slow, deep breaths, making sure to think about keeping your ribcage cavity open and loose. Works every time. For me, at least.

5:50 PM  

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