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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Summer Moon

As the days stretch to their longest, the Moon of Ripening Berries again gives way to the Moon of Great Itching and Spasms. In accordance with the ancient Way, I've adorned each of my arms with itchy heat rash and my right foot with a scarlet fungus. As the moon crept through last night's warm sky, I awoke with the Great Summer Charlie Horse Yelping, engulfed in a blinding ritual pain, as my calf tried to force its way out of my itching body, or kill the rest of the body trying. My left great toe, enlivened my this strong magic, acts of its own accord, pulling away from my other toes and staying there, relishing its freedom and little bothered by my discomfort.

Tomorrow I shall partake of the powerful medicine prescribed by the ancients: Lamisil, Gatorade, and bananas.

But what the hell do I care. It's summer.


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