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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Goddamn Comments

Fuck it, I'm posting my answer to the writing assignment.

Winter is all about survival. I wear thick, lumpy clothes to fight back the cold. There’s nothing attractive about it: This Is War. Summer finds me partial to funkier clothes, skirts with unusual prints, colorful jewelry. The color that comes back into the world with spring seeps right into my wardrobe. I love pink all year, though. It's a cheery color and makes my complexion look fantastic.

I don’t have much spare dough to shop for clothing. As a result, my clothes are mostly impulse sale buys or gifts from my shopaholic grandma. It’s a challenge to combine my motley wardrobe into somewhat attractive outfits. I often think I should go on “What Not To Wear” on TLC. Do they let you turn yourself in?

Shiatsu clothes are an entirely different matter: They must be thin, loose-fitting pants, socks, and a comfortable shirt, allowing for easy movement. It gives me less wiggle room, refreshingly, but I too often lapse into faded tee and old faded cotton pants, when I SHOULD try to look more professional at the school where I’m training for my future career. kStyle, get out there and buy some new tees, for goodness’ sake. They’re not expensive.

I heard recently that it’s a good idea to pick a “fashion role model” and pattern your style accordingly. Nice in theory, but strapped for cash and time and subject to the whims of the fashion industry, I’m not sure how to model my wardrobe on anything.

It’s more than acceptable to dress for comfort only around your nearest and dearest, but I think it’s NICE to make an effort for them once in a while, too. You are special to me, it says, and I want to look nice for you. Really, the reason to dress well is for yourself as much as anyone else; in a way, the audience doesn’t matter.


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