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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Wednesday Writing Assignment

Except for toddlers and a smattering of nudists, we spend most of our days wearing clothes of some kind.  As such, we make choices about our wardrobes, and they're often influenced by factors unrelated to comfort and social propriety.  We wear what we like.  At the same time, clothes are usually the first way we express ourselves to strangers, the knowledge of which must have an impact on our decisions.

Putting aside the question of what technically looks good on you, I'd like to know how you decide what clothing to buy, how you choose something to wear in the morning, and/or what it means to dress like you do.  What kind of image are you attempting to build through what you wear?

A follow-up question:  When we're alone or with our closest friends and families, we don't need to be as concerned about the image we present.  During these times, is it unreasonable to choose clothing for any other reason than comfort?


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