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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Nor'easter

My poor husband is stuck on the roads. I have the good fortune of being home today anyway, using my extra time off before it expires next week. The cats are sleeping. They are champions. I joined them, all drooling and snoring on the couch, but I only lasted about 45 minutes. They are way beyond my league, sleep-wise. It was kind of them to let me try.

Television choices: 10 channels of snow coverage (It's snowing! The traffic is bad! Let's go to a map! Let's go to a correspondent standing in the snow!), a documentary on Pittsburgh, a PBS interview with Steve Martin that makes the great comic seem boring, a cooking show rerun, and That 70s Show. No, really.

A few presents are prettily wrapped and unrefined gingerbread is in the oven.


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