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Monday, November 19, 2007

The Challenge, continued

(A review of the terms of The Challenge can be found here.)

I figured out how to make unrefined waffles and unrefined hot chocolate this weekend, which cheered me quite a bit after my no-good week. Today I made unrefined brownies. They are intense and molasses-y. Could only nibble my way through one, which really is a good thing.

Things I did not eat because of The Challenge this weekend included a giant, beautiful-looking slice of chocolate PB pie at a bookstore cafe; scones at a tea room; and cookies at intermission of the woodwind symphony concert.

Thanksgiving will be interesting. I've been strategizing. I can eat most things, but not my favorites: stuffing (sob) and pie. Nor can I have the broccoli casserole (what passes for a green vegetable at T-day with my family), because it's coated in a wonderful layer of breadcrumbs. And cranberry sauce is, alas, mostly refined sugar.

I'll be bringing a salad with goat cheese, an unrefined pumpkin pie (recipe courtesy of Deepak Chopra), and a cranberry fizzy drink sweetened with fruit juices. Hopefully these will carry me through. I can, of course, have the turkey, potatoes, gravy.

My Mom, I love her dearly, is not one for overarching menu planning. She plans to serve butternut squash soup, squash, and sweet potatoes. I presume the last two will both be mashed. This is why I chose to bring a salad. I was sorely tempted to suggest that she cut the sweet potatoes into cubes and roast them with some olive oil, sea salt, and herbs; but I didn't want to come across as obnoxious or ungrateful. Thanksgiving stresses the lady out a little; why make it worse? Just shush and bring a big spinach salad.


Blogger Narya said...

That festival of betakerotene, while sounding good to me, is probably a bit over the top. I like your roasting notion; I've done sweet potatos with rosemary, to good effect. Also, crunchy granola restaurant has sweet potato fries, which completely rock the house.

I used to make pumpkin pancakes, which did have flour in them, but you could probably substitute a whole grain flour. You could try adding some nut flour to your waffles--hazelnut, for example.

10:33 PM  
Blogger Larry Jones said...

I have cranberries sweetened only with fruit juice. It's the jellied kind, which might not be everybody's preference, but -- no refined sugar. (That's the loophole, isn't it? Refined?).

Health food store, babe.

1:53 PM  
Blogger Narya said...

So? How'd it go?

10:01 AM  

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