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Friday, July 06, 2007

Some Reflections on the 4th

I have trouble being "patriotic", as I discussed with a dear friend in town from the other coast yesterday, because I have no clear conception of what "America" is. I'm a New Engander, and I would gladly defend my beloved fishing villages, mill towns, clam chowder, liberalism, and even Dunkin' Donuts and the local R-less dialect from threats by, say, Manhattanites*. But I have no idea what it means to love America, even if I can love Massachusetts.

We're too big. Wouldn't we be better off with a more Federalist set-up, independent states held loosely together by mutual respect? Or maybe we need a few "mega-state" regions, dividing up into New England, Mid-Atlantic, Dixie, Midwest, Southwest, West Coast, Yellowstone-Park-Touching-States? Make the cultural divides the political divides. I promise we in the Bay State will try to resolve our differences with New Hampshire if we don't have to deal with Alabama. Right?

I'd write more, but it is steamy and hot (in a bad way) in this little home office.

*A friend from Florida emailed me and asked if I ever read the New Yorker. Ha! I replied that it's not exactly a rivalry with New York, because we're so obviously superior, but no, I don't read the New Yorker.


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