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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sandwich Cookie Hell

It turns out that baking, say, 3 dozen sandwich cookies means that you're actually baking 6 dozen cookies, which are then sandwiched together. By the time I realized this, it was too late.

UPDATE: It also turns out that they burn really easily. I lost about 10 halves. The little chocolate briquettes taste disgusting; believe me, I tried to salvage them. The others are good, though!

UPDATE 2: And, oh my, the filling is a challenge. Remind me next year that I'm never baking these things again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But next year you'll already know (a) not to bake them too long, (b) that you're baking six dozen cookies, and (c) the filling is a pain (can it be done ahead of time? can it be altered to make it less painful? what's in it, anyway?). So if you pick a different cookie to bake, you'll have to learn the problems with THAT cookie, whereas you already know the problems with this one. The devil you know, and all.

Of course, this is all because I want some of your cookies. Unless the filling is mint, which I loathe.

You could try a cannoli filling for the cookies . . . though that would mean you'd have to fill them as you needed them so they wouldn't get soggy, but it would be good for a party, say.

7:58 AM  
Blogger kStyle said...

Three fillings: plain, mint, and peanut butter. All a pain because of the gelatin, which it turns out is what holds a sandwich cookie together...

I might go back to my macaroons next year. Easy, moist, chewy, delicious...

12:54 PM  
Blogger kStyle said...

PS I like your cannolli filling idea.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or a tiramisu filling--using mascarpone cheese, which would be easier to attach. I hope you're using a piping bag for this part? If you did a tiramisu thing, you could put some instant coffee in the cookies to get that chocolate/coffee thing going on.

5:11 PM  
Blogger kStyle said...

Piping bag! No, I was spreading stiff filling onto the cookies with a teaspoon. A piping bag...Who'd've thought.

There was a filling variety for cappuccino flavor, but because I don't drink coffee and G (resident cofeeholic) wasn't home, I didn't understand the ingredients adn so shied away.

that last one was a terrible sentence.

They're crispy cookies, like an Oreo, so I'm not sure how a slippery tiramisu filling would work. I bet it would taste great, but you'd end up with marscapone everywhere.

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'd have to thicken the mascarpone (and refrigerate the cookies), but it could work . . . Actually, you could do with them what we do with our cannoli filling, which is fill several large piping bags, keep them in the store refrigerator, and the store staff fills the cannoli as customers order them, so the shells don't get soggy. that would be the way to go for any of the cheese fillings.

And, yes, you must get large piping bags (not the ones in the grocery store). if I find a source, I'll let you know.

12:49 PM  

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