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Monday, December 04, 2006

Disconnect, and the Advice

It's getting weird. I feel like I'm splitting, my life is splitting, and the elements are different lives rather than parts of the same one.

Monday-Friday, I'm tense, irritable, running around like a headless chicken to make deadline. That dull pain sets in between the shoulder blades. My jaw closes down to produce a steady grind. I'm tired, too.

On the weekend, I have this other life. I teach and learn and practice, my body and mind open, stretching wide with joy. My aura, as they say, expands. I feel truly myself, connected to something deeply human and deeply spiritual. I might even laugh, though I'm usually still a little tired.

And then Monday comes crashing back.

But let's return to Sunday for a moment. Here are the three "homework" notes I wrote for a client trying to get pregnant:

1. visualize happy baby growing in womb.
2. journal hopes and fears surrounding motherhood.
3. after intercourse, lay on your back and prop your pelvis up with pillows.

Ah, the spiritual and the human. It's funny.


Blogger Larry Jones said...

You left out "Fuck like bunnies."

4:58 PM  
Blogger kStyle said...

Hmmm, I assumed she knew that part, but maybe you're onto something.

7:35 PM  

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