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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


1. The New York City Ballet Workout 2 DVD is freaking hard. All those prissy little moves make for big abdominal exercise. I appreciated the workout, but I quickly remembered why I hated ballet as a kid. Will I practice this DVD again before it's due back at the library?...Undecided!

2. Congratulations to Eric! You'll have to ask him why.

3. Beginning Jan 2, I wll be working only 4 days/week at Day Job. This is good. This is what I wanted. So why do I feel nervous and jittery? I suppose it's partly because I'd intended to spend this day working at the shiatsu school, which sadly is no more. It's better for me, in a sense, that I can instead spend the day as I need to grow my practice. All the swift change of late has me jittery, though; I'm feeling somewhat tossed by the waves. I sent in my gym membership cancellation form a few weeks ago, normally not a big deal--seeing as how I haven't been to the moldy old place in months--but right now it represents more change. Today, I almost freaked after talking with my cell phone provider and learning that, yes, my contract is over and I'm free to switch to a better plan elsewhere. (New cell plan + no more gym = $50/mo in my pocket!) It's so silly to be nervy, because I'm having a big Life Exfoliation, sloughing off old, dead stuff for shiny, new, better things; but so much scrubbing all at once is making me emotionally raw.

Enough extended metaphors! Here's to a cheery 2007 full of good new ways! Resolution: To work only 6 days/week and REST on the 7th. Even God did this, they say.

PS Now that Blogger allows you to sign in using a Google account, we, the faithful Blogger users of years, who have stuck by Blogger through thick and thin, must sign in as "Old Blogger". Old Blogger! Like I'm a relic, a dusty dinosaur! Harumph.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, honey, I TOTALLY know what you mean about piles of changes happening all at once. My only advice is to keep breathing deeply (though, given how my enormous changes all at once worked out, you may not want to take my advice; still, breathing should be pretty safe).

10:45 PM  
Blogger kStyle said...

I really appreciate your understanding...It's funny how life goes along the same, the same, the same...and then POW, all at once!

People who have not been through so much upheaval at a time generally don't get it.

Breathing, breathing....

8:45 AM  

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