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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I know you're all dying with anticipation as to hearing my opinions on the Top Model Cycle 6. I apologize for keeping you waiting.

I adore Nenna; she's the best contestant they've ever had. I also see something special in Mollie Sue--even though the judges aren't sure about her--and Brooke.

Jade's a bitch, but we need a good villain, and I want to shake Gina.

More interesting than the contestants, however, are the judges. This cycle, we can see the fruits of their greater comfort in front of a television camera. For the first time, Jay Manuel is sassy without feeling forced; Nigel Barker is hilariously witty rather than his usual stiff/mysterious persona; Twiggy is ever-more charming; and Miss J Alexander has a new depth of sweetness and humor. Ms Tyra looks like she's really having fun this time around, letting her hair down now that the show's a hit. Speaking of which, her hair looks fabulous these days. It was a little...strange....in past cycles.


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