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Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Business Philosophy
Not that I'm any Donald Trump...yet.

First and foremost, I'm keeping in the forefront (or trying to) that I'm building my practice to be of service. I was feeling frustrated by the whole affair, and my general level of overwork between Day Job and Shiatsu Practice and Oh Yeah, There's a Wedding to Plan. I stopped enjoying any of it, and a nagging voice in the back of my noggin told me to give up on the shiatsu practice, it's all child's-play nonsense anyway, and even if it weren't, I'm not cut out for it. In a fair amount of existential despair, I consulted the venerable I Ching, which, eerily astute as always, chided me for operating from my ego rather than in accordance with the greater good and my higher self.

Between the sagacious I Ching and a most refreshing tai chi class yesterday--during the meditation, my teacher actually said, "Let the qi restore your trust in this form of healing"*--I restored my focus and had a fantastic shiatsu practice day. Two people arrived for my new, free!, Sunday morning meditation/qi gong group. The loved it and said they would come back next week with more people. It felt great to be of service, and all the extra qi I gathered with the exercises strengthened my afternoon shiatsu session, which my regular client said was the best I'd given her. I rejoiced (as Biblical a word as that is, it's entirely fitting).

Right after be of service, and tied into it, is point 2 of my business philosophy: If I like something, other people will, too. It seems some companies get neurotic about market testing, worrying what "the consumer" wants. Instead, I assume that other people will like and want what I like and want. I wish that a practitioner would give me a half-hour "tune-up" treatment for about $30, as I'm relatively healthy, quite busy, and a pinch strapped for cash. So, I'm offering that service. I'd love a free Sunday morning meditation, and so I'm offering one. I'd like a tee shirt with my logo printed on it, so when I get one made, I'll get many more to sell.

Point 3: Don't be a dumbass. I plan eventually to own whatever building I'm practicing in. I plan to ensure that I have several sources of income, not just giving shiatsu. I plan to have a business savings account with plenty of money in it.

*This is not the first instance of her being calmly, casually, mind-blowingly intuitive.


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