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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Wow. WOW. It's been busy lately. Here are some highlights.

1. Work is really, really busy, all of a sudden. I'm having trouble keeping up with the schedule that I myself made for a particular book, but I made the schedule so tight so that I can complete the project in plenty of time before my wedding. So--onward!
1a. We hired a new person to cover certain titles. First, my boss (also her boss) gave her all such titles. Then, my boss decided that was a bad idea and redistributed the titles, thus effectively doubling my workload in the course of one meeting yesterday. I spent 3/4 of today undoing work that had been done incorrectly because no one had taught the new person how to do it properly, and because the editorial assistant on the list, who should have caught the errors, is a flake.

2. Has anyone else noticed that exercising is a full-time job? Just getting all the exercise one's supposed to pretty much kills all free time. Then add on the post-exercise showering!

3. Then there's planning a wedding. This has cranked into high gear, as we've noticed that--hey!--it's only four months away!
3a. I'm happy to report that the food tasting went wonderfully this weekend. I was afraid the food would be bad, but it was scrumptious. We'll be serving filet mignon with roasted red bliss potatoes, "chicken supreme" (grilled chicken in a delicious, creamy mushroom sauce) with rice pilaf, mixed veggies, and a dull pasta option for the vegetarians. At least they get a real meal.

4. Right, so then, I realized on Sunday that I have a HUGE list of shiatsu-practice errands, as well. I've ticked off most of them by squeezing one or two in here or there over the last couple of days.

5. The little cat has hairballs and keeps puking and making demonic noises. G's been feeding her tuna-flavored hairball medicine procured from the vet after a 10-minute, $50 appointment.

6. Now that I'm studying capoeira again, I have to juggle practicing capoeira movement and tai chi. I wonder of it's possible to do both at once, just in terms of practice time. Plus: I'm TIRED.

7. My left front tire kept deflating over the last 2 weeks (or so). I finally brought the car to my mechanic today. He extracted a gigantic NAIL from the tire, patched the poor thing up, and, when I asked how much I owed, told me not to worry, he'll get it next time. He's very kind.

8. TAXES! Must start TAXES!!!

9. Nine's a lucky Taoist number, so I thought I'd end with it.


Blogger Eric said...

I find it a helpful time-saving measure to eliminate the post-exercise showering.

Anyone with me?

10:28 AM  
Blogger Ann said...

Definitely, Eric. Of course, I exercise at 10pm, so it's not as if I'm going to offend anyone. PS. Lifting weights produces less sweat than cardio.

I hope it's the happy-productive kind of busy, kStyle, and not the death-death-hell kind.

11:24 AM  
Blogger kStyle said...

Thanks for your kind wishes and advice.

If you doon't get the sweat off after exercising, it increases likelihood of sore muscles. It's not just for the sake of others. :P

I'm dancing on that line between happy-productive and death-hell.

Ann: Exercising at 10 PM! How do you sleep?

11:57 AM  
Blogger Ann said...

Very well, actually. I've never had a problem getting to sleep after going to the gym.

But you're right, it does suck up an awful lot of time. Being healthy in general takes a lot of time, what with the exercising, the meal-making, the sleeping enough. Which is why we need thirty-five-hour work weeks.

12:40 PM  
Blogger kStyle said...

I see your 35-hour work weeks and raise (lower?) you to 30-hour.

1:08 PM  

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