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Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Dozen Kinds of Ass-Kicking

Capoeira class kicked my ass. At one point, I thought I wouldn't survive the full two hours. I thought my heart would literally explode inside my chest. But I did survive, with the guidance of a young woman who's been studying the art for 13 years. Afterwards, the mestre had me purchase proper capoeira clothes--the requisite yellow tee shirt and white pants. (Pants didn't fit when I got them home...Shirt was perfect.) As I wrote a check in wobbly, weak hand, he assessed my potential: I can see that you're strong (?!) and it helps that you've taken some capoeira before. Give me three months and I will make you good. Although I doubted the possibility of that--seeing as how I couldn't even make it through the whole warm up--his confidence boosted me.

I chatted with a man from Brazil who spoke no English. He told me he usually plays the acrobatic, battle-oriented Regional style. I asked him his name, and after telling me his real name, he told me his capoeira name*: Perigoso. Ai, tenho medo! I replied. He was surprised I spoke Portuguese, and took to teasing me about my Lisboeta accent: "Shhh shhhh shhhh," he said, imitating the way the Portuguese say the letter s.

*Capoeira nicknames are a Regional, but not an Angola, tradition. Thank the gods--I can only imagine that after that class, I'd be given the nickname vaca or something.


Blogger kStyle said...

You probably want translations for "Perigoso" and "Ai, tenho medo!", but it's more fun if I leave it a mystery. Check Altavista, if you must, or translate using cognates from your high school Spanish class. ;)

12:10 PM  

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