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Sunday, November 13, 2005

I've Been Cooking A Lot

I'm in the last 2 weeks of shiatsu school! This program has taken me almost 3 years to complete. I can hardly believe how close I am, and how close to moving beyond the job I've held for the last 4 years, working fiendishly to make books in order to pay my way through shiatsu school.

I'm excited, scared, and a little tired. Okay, a LOT tired. (This weekend is the first in 3 weeks that wasn't spent entirely in workshops.) Between all the school work and work-work of the last few years, my creative pursuits have gone out the window. It's hard for a lover of all the arts to have scarce time for reading for pleasure, listening to live music, or dancing. To compensate, I've been cooking up a storm. I have to eat, after all. A good meal is akin to the collages, choreography, or beaded jewelry I used to construct. And so, ever the list-maker, I bring you...

Some things kStyle has cooked this week
NOTE: cookies are dangerous because they're both fast and easy. And delicious.

  • Portuguese soup
  • popovers
  • chai
  • oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies (henceforth known as "Nirvana cookies")
  • roasted tofu & yams over brown rice (joint effort with G)
  • cardamom-whole wheat pancakes (these became an instant favorite when I first made them a week or so ago)
  • eggs over millet (with a sides of miso soup and green beans): a very macrobiotic breakfast...except for the eggs
  • cardamom butter cookies (words cannot adequately express my love for cardamom)

The end.


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not that kind of floting.

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