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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Mr. Madison Ave Goes to Washington

As usual, Ann is making astute and unusual political observations on Vertical Tab. Recently she commented, "If I hear the word 'latte' one more time in relation to liberals of any stripe, I'm going to scream."

I fear that Ann will be screaming.

Next week's Frontline explores how marketing research is used by political campaigns. According to the preview I caught on PBS last night...it's looking scary. The parties (what's so "party" about them, anyway, other than Bush's former coke habit?)...Anyway, the parties use mega marketing firms to find associations: for example, people in Virginia with two-car garages and call waiting are very concerned about gun control laws; people in Vermont who drink lattes and eat sushi and buy organic produce are bleeding heart communists. They don't care why the associations exist--no, that would give them too much insight into how to craft good policy to meet citizen's needs. Instead, these cuddly, graying, evil geniuses use the information to target specific groups with galvanizing, inflammatory campaigning (ie, fliers about how the Dems will take your guns and/or Bibles away--no really, I'm not making this one up) without other demographics seeing this material.

I leave it to you all to ruminate on the implications of this strategy. Space, time, and mental health do not permit me to do so here.

God. Bless. America.

P.S. Interesting that the Dems were totally open about how they use this marketing information, but the GOP wouldn't talk to Frontline.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My theory is that the GOP won't talk because they're the ones doing the dirty tricks. I don't think it was the democrats distributing the flyers saying they would ban the bible. It's possible the democrats funded some of the information about drafting college students, which is a bit out of line (well, we'll find out about that). Another good example is the GOP funding the automated calls in Detroit asking voters to vote for Kerry so gay marriage would be legalized.


1:06 PM  
Blogger kStyle said...

Right, exactly. Those fliers were distributed by the GOP and Frontline found them.


12:05 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

Two words that should never go together: "marketing" and "politics."

3:47 PM  

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