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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Friday Laundry List

If I ran a movie studio...

*It would be called "Fizz Films"
*The opening shot start black with that fffffffffffffffssssssssssssssssttttt fizz sound building, and then the light would increase, and we'd see fizz rising through a liquid
*Specializes in musicals
*Tap dance in happy sequences, softshoe in sad ones
*No smoking on screen! How can you sing and smoke?
*Witty yet whimsical humor
*Really clever writers
*Unknown actors get a shot at stardom, kid
*Intermission halfway through the movie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

(from Eric)

That's a great list, Karen. Can I do one? Please? Thanks.

If I ran a movie theater:

*I'd write program notes for each film, with some history and background and a bit of critical analysis, so the folks could know a little something about what they're watching.

*I'd show films in all genres from all periods of time, the only criterion being that they're GOOD. My theater would be the go-to place to see silents and noir and Westerns and screwball comedies, and Italian neorealist and French New Wave, and all kinds of wonderful things most people don't see, because they're ponying up for "Shark Tale."

*Anyone talking during the film is promptly and quietly ejected by my burly usher. Likewise anyone laughing inappropriately (i.e., AT the film, rather than with it), and anyone otherwise compromising the enjoyment of the picture. This rule is steadfast.

*Movies would be projected at their proper degree of brightness (many theaters today mistakenly believe they can save money on bulbs by not projecting at full wattage--the vast majority of screens are NOT showing the films at the proper light). Also they'd be shown at their exact proper dimensions, i.e., no over- or under-masking.

*No commercials for American Express and Pepsi before the movie! No commercials for anything! None!

*I'd make a little speech before each feature that would end with, "Enjoy the show!"

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