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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Wednesday Writing Assignment: The Click

The mind is often mysterious, even to its users. You toil away at something, laboring, memorizing, sorting, and sifting, but it doesn’t make any sense. Then suddenly, in a flash, you see the picture, like that moment when a puzzle is made enough to see its patterns and understand it, a moment of mini-enlightenment. Why the hell does that happen? I don’t know. Why doesn’t that happen sometimes? I don’t know, but I am convinced I will never ever understand music theory. I first consciously noticed The Click when wrestling with high school chemistry. One late night, grinding my teeth over the factor-label method—CLICK!—all became clear in a flash. Thereafter, chem homework that once demanded hours could be completed in minutes. The insight never went away—It all made sense from that day on.

In the interest of better understanding The Click, please tell me about Clicks you’ve had, Clicks you wish you’d have, Clicks you’ve abandoned hope of ever clicking.


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