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Sunday, May 30, 2004

More Politically Incorrect Confessions

Note: I've debated whether to post on this subject for a while, but since my last politically incorrect topic stimulated such great discussion, here we are.

I'm a little ticked off with transgender culture. I'm all for self-expression--wear what you want, act how you want (as long as it's respectful and courteous), be who you are. But don't tell me, a biological, mental, and emotional woman, that being a woman makes you want to wear dresses and do up your hair and nails, because it doesn't, necessarily.

I think some trans folk--and I'm picking on MtoF here, because I am myself female and can address what it's like to be what's accepted as a woman--are buying into cultural gender norms more than anyone else. If you want to wear a skirt, by all means wear the freakin' skirt, but unless you've known the difficulties surrounding menstruation, don't tell me you're a woman. Here's my bottom line: Clothes do not gender make. And anyway, does it matter all that much? If a MtoF wants to wear heels, more power to him-her, but wearing heels does not make you a woman, just as not wearing heels does not make you less of a woman. See what I'm saying?


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