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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Heartfelt Thanks

I am tremendously grateful to Lah, our Moral Support and Kind General, who kept our unpacking on track even as our strength and will flagged last night. Lah, you were right: It made a huge difference to have our kitchen ready-for-breakfast this morning. It made me feel sane. Wish you didn’t have to go all the way back to The Wrong Coast next week.

I am also grateful to G., who patiently counseled me through my overtired existential crisis in the wee hours. Things seem better by daylight, especially after a hearty breakfast in our now-set-up kitchen. Things will doubtless seem even better tomorrow, after a real night of sleep.

(Note on Existential Crises: for all their drama, they are a real bore. Every existential crisis is the same, and seems like most everyone has them. The Great Unifier is not God or music or children, as everyone supposes, for we humans have wildly different views on these things. The Great Unifier is the frustrated, tired, bleak Existential Crisis.)


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