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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Let’s Talk About ME

Never mind all this beauty nonsense. I’m having a stinky day.

I woke up late, to a cold, wet, gray, miserable sort of morning. Already running behind, I dashed to my car and…It wouldn’t start. I ran back to the house; key wouldn’t open the door; banged on the door; wonderful boyfriend opened it; he leant me the keys to his car. I was really late already. Traffic was bad. At a miserable intersection, it became clear that Rip van Winkle would wake up AND Christ would come again before I would be able to turn left. So I got in the right lane, to turn right and then turn around on that road. It became clear, as I looked for a turnaround, that traffic on this road was even worse. I found an empty parking lot belonging to the Congregation Beth El in which to turn around. It was empty, that is, except for a cop car at the other end. I turned around and stood in traffic on the road. Police lights behind me. I pulled over, expecting the cop car to speed past the traffic en route to an Emergency. No no, the cop pulled behind me and sauntered to my car. He seemed unnaturally mad, eyes glinting, jaw grinding.

“Do you know what you just did?”
I wasn’t sure…”I turned around?”
“Next time you turn around there you’ll get a ticket. That parking lot is not for TURNING AROUND. The entrance and exit are marked. You turned around and went back out the entrance, on top of it. You’ll get a ticket next time.”

What a prick.

At work, a coworker asked me if I’d photocopied the things I mailed out for her while she was on vacation two weeks ago (the week I was packing, studying, and losing my mind). No, I hadn’t. Apparently she had left me a note to do so. In my defense, she left me about a hundred notes. I still felt bad.

I hate today.


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