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Friday, January 25, 2008

Turning Over Stones

Even while applying for jobs, I'm taking a few steps back and reevaluating everything: interests, career options, personality assessments. Why not? Maybe I'm missing something obvious.

Taking the Strong Interests Inventory this morning, I realized (again) how much I miss having the arts in my life. Not the healing arts--the arts. Of course, the immediate rebound thought is: There's no way to make a living in the arts. And maybe that's true.

Here's a funny story. I went to college planning to major in theater. But once I got there, I found the theater department to be pretentious and so so postmodern. In the bad way.

I couldn't decide on a major. Then one day, thumbing through the course catalog, I realized that I wanted to take every single class printed on 3 consecutive pages. What department is this? I asked myself. It was Classical Civilization (CCIV), the study of the Greeks and Romans.

Now, I had heard my mom talking on the phone to her friends, saying: "K. wants to me a theater major. We're hoping she meets some handsome econ major and he changes her mind." So I knew that my parents would really be quite happy if I abandoned my theater dreams.

I came home over break, excited to break the news. "I've decided not to major in theater!" I announced. My folks burst into wide grins. Their eyes lit up. "What will you study?" they asked. "Classical Civilization!" I proudly announced.

Their faces fell. This is not what they had in mind. A pause, then a single question: "What's that?"


Blogger Narya said...

Yes. Well. As a person who majored in philosophy as an undergraduate, I recognize your dilemma as my own. When I peruse the want ads, I do not see ads for "philosopher-at-large." Which is what I am, really.

Perhaps you can envision a job that would allow you the time and energy to actually DO arts, of whatever sort make you happy, or enable arts, for that matter, in some other way?

Feel free to talk to me more IRL about this . . .

12:57 AM  
Blogger kStyle said...

Thanks, lady. We are in similar boats. I only wish they were heading for tranquil tropical islands.

I have some new ideas cookin', I'll email you.

1:50 PM  

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