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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Two Thoughts

1. Listening to the news on the way home today, I was reminded why I don't blog about politics. Besides the fact that many people are already doing it much better than I could, I fear I would have an unfortunate tendency to sum up complex current events in a single sentence. Case in point: "That Tom DeLay is sure an asshole." I don't see the need to say much more about the matter.

2. This weekend is the second annual Massachusetts Sales Tax Holiday. This holiday cracks me up, because a) it's so very Republican-governor of Mitt Romney, and b) I can't imagine the consumer will really save all that much by having a tiny sales tax removed. Would you rush to the store for a 5% off sale?* No? Me neither.

*Of course, some stores are tacking on additional discounts and bargains, and I'm not sure what the actual sales tax is but that's not my point, and these sort of dull details are why I don't blog about politics.


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