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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Pope: One Powerful Dude

Every day we hear the reports in all the news outlets: the moment-by-moment play-by-play of Pope John Paul II's health fluctuations. As we endured another such report (at 9 AM his ventilation tube was removed, at 10:10 it was put back in, or some such thing), I commented to G. that even Brad and Jennifer don't get this degree of media attention. G. sort of humored me in this sentiment, not fully onboard with the ludricrousness of the PJPII health bulletins, until the reporter--the NPR reporter--launched into a catalogue of, I'm not kidding you, what PJPII ate for breakfast. (Coffee with milk, 10 biscuits, and yogurt, and he ate everything, in case you were concerned.)


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