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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Things I'm Not Getting Done

-reading The Known World (by Edward P. Jones), which I borrowed from a friend
-balancing my checkbook
-avoiding sugar
-decorating the Christmas tree
-cardio workout
-painting the rest of the bedroom and that one little wall in the living room
-getting to the pharmacy to pick up a new pill pack (I'll do it tomorrow, okay?)
-renewing my AAA membership

Things I Am Getting Done
-biting my nails
-watching America's Next Top Model (Eva won--woo-hoo!)
-tai ch'i
-fretting over the Christmas tree already going bald
-eating lots of sugar
-working late
-Christmas shopping
-playing fetch with Luna
-making appointments (oil change Monday, hair Tuesday)

It seems pretty well balanced. I'm doing OK.


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