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Monday, November 15, 2004

A Bright Note on a Sick Day

The buzzer rang twice and here was UPS with my package, my shoes, my anticipated shoes ordered a month ago online and backordered, it turned out, when they didn't arrive after a week. I opted to wait for the shoes. Yesterday Shoedini placed a shipping notification in my inbox, and today, the Great Man in Brown arrived, parcel under his arm.

I pulled my treasure inside, half-afraid to open the box, lest some monster lurked inside. But open it I did, more eager for the month's anticipation. I sliced the tape with an Exacto, extracted the neat shoebox from the shipping box. It smelled good already. Inside were a few advertising cards from the company, and two drawstring bags imprinted with the company logo. I opened one, untying the green knot and sliding the sack's mouth apart, and out came a perfect shoe, shiny and black and just beautiful. (And I'm not even a "shoe person".) I pulled out the contraptions holding its shape and slipped it on: a perfect fit! Now I'm wearing only the right shoe while excitedly typing about it. Maybe I should add the left shoe.


Blogger Lah said...

Creepy. I have a pair of shoes made by a different company but that look exactly the same. They're great shoes; super comfy and go with just about everything. :)

2:37 AM  
Blogger kStyle said...

That's funny. What I like best about my shoes--besides the fact that they're even more comfy than going barefoot--is the nice detail work on the top. I'm not sure you can really see it in the picture.

Lah, you got sole, girl.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Lah said...

hahahaha--I see you're just as cheesy as ever!

Tell G I'm going to get him a giant neko-san from japan that he can keep right next to his bed. muahahahahaha!!! I know how he loves neko-san...

but really--anything in particular I can get you guys while I'm there?

Also--I'll be in MA for Xmas after all *mild grumbling* so hopefully I'll be able to see you guys!!!

11:51 AM  

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