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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Wednesday Writing Assignment

We all know the drill
capture a moment's essence--
five, seven, then five.

I've written many a silly haiku in my day. One of my favorites:

The Greeks loved columns
put them on lots of temples
back in the day, yo.

There's a lot to be said, however, for beautiful haiku. I don't think I've ever created one myself, so I'll share from The Essential Haiku, ed. Hass.

First, a Basho haiku:

The winter storm
hid in the bamboo grove
and quieted away.

A Buson:

Brushing flies
from the sick girl in the palaquin--
how hot it is!

And, an Issa:

Napping at midday
I hear the song of planters
and feel ashamed of myself.

There are certain haiku rules, like each haiku must reference the season...But do what you will. Share a silly one or a pretty one, or a pretty silly one, of your own devising.

Now you write haiku
Wednesday Writing Assignment
simple elegance.


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